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Application of Iron Nitride Magnets for the

Loudspeaker Industry

Salvador Consultant, Niron Magnetics, and Menlo Scientific have been working on the application of iron nitride magnets for the loudspeaker industry. Different magnetic structures of loudspeakers have been analyzed and optimized to approach the great magnetic advantages of iron nitride magnets. The optimized magnetic structures have been compared with conventional and commercial loudspeakers which are generally manufactured with ferrite magnets and neodymium magnets. An important saving of magnet materials has been estimated using iron nitride magnets. The size and weight of the loudspeakers have been considerably reduced.

“The State of Loudspeakers Magnetics (Introduction of Nitride – Iron magnets),” Voice Coil Magazine, Vol. 34, No. 12, October 2021 (link)

“Next-Generation Rare-Earth-Free Magnets are Coming - Part 1,” Voice Coil Magazine, Vol. 35, No. 3, January 2022 (link)

"Next-Generation Rare-Earth-Free Magnets Are Coming  Part 2," Audioxpress Magazine, April 2022 (link)

"Magnetic Materials for the Loudspeaker Industry," Voice Coil Magazine, Vol. 36, No. 11, September 2023 (link)

"Niron Magnetics Secures Funding to Accelerate Production of Rare Earth-Free Magnets," Audioxpress Magazine, February 2024 (link)

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The First Magnet Powder Press for the Production of Neodymium Magnets in the United States

Gasbarre Products Company with the consultancy support of Salvador Consultant has designed, manufactured, and tested the first magnet powder press to produce neodymium magnets in the United States. The Gasbarre magnet press was designed, built, and tested in DuBois, Pennsylvania. The magnet press was designed for the pressing process of neodymium magnet powder under a uniform magnetic field produced by a powerful DC electromagnet with a magnetic circuit optimized. This magnet press will be employed to produce sintered neodymium magnets for the US industry.

The Gasbarre magnet presses are designed and equipped with electromagnets with optimized pole caps to produce high magnetic fields in the magnet powder cavities. The magnetic structures of the magnet presses are designed using a deep and wide knowledge of magnetic materials, magnet materials, and magnetic field production.

Transversal and axial magnet presses are beign developed by Gasbarre and Salvador Consultant.


For more information related to the production of rare-earth magnets in the US, please read the September/October 2023 Magnetics Magazine issue (link).


“Gasbarre Products builds the First Magnet Powder Presses to produce Neodymium Magnets in the United States,” Magnetics Magazine, October 25th, 2023 (Online version, printed version to be published on 2024) (link).


"First Magnet Powder Presses to Produce Neodymium Permanent Magnets in the United States," The Audio Voice Newsletter, Dec. 2023 (link).


Mystery of the Tesla's Next-Gen Zero-Rare-Earth Electric Motor for EV Applications

During Tesla's Investor Day in March 2023, Tesla announced that its next generation of permanent magnet (PM) electric motors would contain no rare earth materials at all!: “We have designed our next drive unit, which uses a permanent-magnet motor, to not use any rare-earth elements at all,” declared Colin Campbell, Tesla’s director of power-train engineering" (link). While many experts anticipate that this motor may be considerably heavier and less efficient compared to previous Tesla PM motors, the MotorXP team and Salvador Consultant explored the possibility of designing a zero-rare-earth motor that preserves Tesla's established standards of superior efficiency and power density.


This study demonstrated the feasibility of designing a PM motor using ferrite magnets that rivals the efficiency and power density of the Tesla Model 3 motor from an electromagnetic perspective. The designed motor may present challenges related to manufacturability, mechanical aspects, and cooling design.

Mystery of the Tesla's Next-Gen Zero-Rare-Earth Electric Motor, MotorXP, Online version, 2023 (link)


Magnetic Separation Equipment

Protech Consultancy with the consultancy support of Salvador Consultant has been working in the design, optimization, manufacturing, and testing process of different and powerful magnetic separation equipment for different industries and applications. Magnetic separation devices have been designed and optimized to produce an effective high magnetic field and high force index for the extraction of magnetic particles of production lines for different industries. In addition, the magnetic structures of the magnetic separation devices are designed and optimized using a deep and wide knowledge of electromagnets, magnetic materials, and permanent magnet materials.


Mitigation of Hot Spots in

Power Transformers and Shunt Reactors

Salvador Consultant has been working with some transformers companies to solve some issues related to the presence of hot spots or high temperatures in transformers and shunt reactors. Some interesting electromagnetic consultancy cases have been published in the following articles:

 "Detection and reduction of high temperature in high current turrets of generator step-up (GSU) transformers - Part I," Transformers Magazine, Vol. 9, No. 2, April 2022 (link)

"Detection and reduction of high temperature in high current turrets of generator step-up (GSU) transformers - Part II," Transformers Magazine, Special Edition: New Trends, May 2022 (link)


"Thermal failure in a clamping bolt of a shunt reactor," Transformers Magazine, Special Edition: Digitalization, November 2023 (link)


Magnetic Floors:

New Technology for the Construction Industry

Are they magnetically safe?

ICT Construction & Technology Corporation with the consultancy support of Salvador Consultant verified the static magnetic field distribution produced by magnetic floors utilized in the Construction Industry. Magnetic floor customers were asking about the possible magnetic field issues produced by magnetic floors, especially in electronic components and pacemakers. Salvador Consultant measured the magnetic field produced by magnetic floors and performed numerical calculations to verify the magnetic field strength at different distances for the magnet floor surfaces. Salvador Consultant certified that the magnetic floors are safe and can be utilized without any side effects on credit cards, electronic devices, and pacemakers.

"Evaluation of static magnetic fields produced by magnetic floors utilized in the Construction Industry," IEEE Trans. Magnetics, 2019 (link)


Magnet Assembly for an Audio Recording Product

Salvador Consultant assisted Audigo Labs with the redesign of a permanent magnet assembly for an audio recording product. This electronic product was equipped with strong magnets. The static magnetic field produced by these magnets was producing noise in the recording device during its normal operation. To fix this noise issue a new multi-pole magnet design was proposed to reduce the magnetic field in the PCB region. With this magnetic solution, Audigo Labs solved the noise issue quickly in its recording product.

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