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His consultancy service was very good and attentive to our needs and requests about our new magnetic floors technology for the Construction Industry. ICT appreciates all that he has done. His magnetic measurements, numerical results, and reports will be very valuable in our sales and marketing efforts.

Thomas J. Lutz
ICT Construction and Technology Corp.


Jason Morgan
Correlated Magnetics Research

Salvador helped us improve our magnetization and magnet simulation modeling and accuracy.  Salvador was able to model, simulate, and analyze electromagnetic circuits in our magnetizer to build a deeper understanding and ultimately improve this machine. He responded quickly to requests, and it was not unusual to get a presentation from him after hours that included a detailed response leveraging his simulation results. I was immediately impressed with Salvador’s  experience and knowledge in simulation and analysis of magnetic circuits.


Sudheer Mokkapaty
R&D Engineer 
SGB Transformers 

Salvador possesses an outstanding capability to resolve critical technical issues related to transformers and simulations. I have been benefited by his expert monitoring and guidance in my thesis work and work in my SGB company. I am glad to recommend him, since Salvador would be a tremendous asset for a company.


Salvador is very reliable, motivated and capable in his area of focus. He has solid knowledge in magnetic material and electromagnetic circuit, and proven outstanding expertise in FEM for magnetic problems. I recommend Salvador and hope to work with him again in the future.

Roy Jiang
Magnetic Engineer
Correlated Magnetics Research

mark roberts.JPG

Mark Roberts
Correlated Magnetics Research

Salvador is a very talented engineer who excels in the simulation and modeling of the electromagnetic properties of various devices and machines.  He quickly developed a thorough understanding of CMR's magnetization process and in very short order produced models of key components of that process that resulted in several design improvements. Overall, I highly recommend Salvador because of his strong technical skills and his pleasant personality that make him a very valuable resource to any technical organization.


Andy Keane
Correlated Magnetics Research

Salvador’s incredible skill and capability with magnetic and electro-magnetic simulation allowed Salvador to make a significant contribution to our understanding of a brand new type of magnetizing system. His insights in analyzing a very complex electrical and magnetic circuit allowed CMR to improve our magnetizing system and increase the reliability of manufacturing equipment now in volume production in China. Salvador became the go-to person for advanced simulation and analysis. 


Steve Murray
Engineering Manager
Correlated Magnetics Research

Salvador is extremely competent in his simulations ability and was always eager to jump in where he could lend a hand without needing to be asked. He worked directly with customers to satisfy their requirements in custom magnets, with thorough reports along the way. He was a pleasure to work with and well liked among our team. I definitely recommend Salvador, he is an excellent engineer/consultant.


Wes Reeves
Product Manager
Correlated Magnetics Research

Salvador is a dedicated, self motivated and driven engineer and consultant. His electromagnetic expertise allowed him to transfer knowledge gained from the electrical transformer domain to magnetic circuit design. I very much enjoyed working with Salvador and would recommend him to anyone looking for a solid, experienced and dedicated engineer who will take personal pride and ownership in the projects he undertakes.


Anahita Fakhravar
Power Transformer Engineer
Arya Transfo Ghodrat

This is an honor for me to write a recommendation for Salvador Consultant. Salvador is a real transformer expert having both detailed technical knowledge and overview about the complete transformer. He taught me a lot during my work in Arya Transfo. He is really professional and expert in electromagnetic analysis too. Salvador helped me freely whenever I need his assistances. Hereby, I highly recommend Salvador Consultant and I would rank him as one of the best transformer and magnetic consultant.

bruce hampel.jpg

Bruce A. Hampel
Product Engineering Manager
QM Power

Salvador brought remarkable talent and skill to our QM Power company. He started and grown the magnetic modeling of our motors, taught us all a great deal about the magnetic field. His modeling helped us move several new PM motor designs forward in record time while assisting in the static and dynamic testing of the motors. He not only has the mathematical skills to perform his job well, but he comes with hands on skills for assisting in the lab testing. He worked with our new motor designs and development staff, our engineers, technicians, as well as outside consultants. He was able to mentor and bring up to speed our new magnetic engineers. He also helped them to better understand the magnetics of the motor.


I am impressed by Salvador skill in magnetic engineering. He takes projects personally and accomplishes effectively. His enthusiasm for work and good communication skills makes easy at work.

Dinkesh H.
Mechanical Engineer
Applied Materials


Salvador is the go-to person when it comes to electromagnetic design and simulations of PM motors. He is also highly knowledgeable in different magnetic materials and permanent magnet materials. It is always a pleasure working with Salvador.

Rohan Gosalia
Mechanical Engineer
QM Power


Heath Jenkins
Gasbarre Products Inc

Zero complaints about his consultancy service.  When we needed him onsite, he was here.  When we needed simulations or calculations, Salvador put them together quickly.  Salvador provided us with significant learning that helped us avoid mistakes.  10/10 from me and I know the team agrees.  We wondered when he slept!


Bo Ouellette
Engineering Department
Milton Roy

Working with Salvador on a custom solenoid motor project was a truly exceptional experience. Salvador’s deep understanding of solenoid motor technology and his ability to tailor solutions to our specific needs set him apart. Salvador consistently went above and beyond to ensure the success of our project. Communication throughout the development process was clear and prompt, making the entire collaboration smooth and efficient. We highly recommend Salvador for anyone seeking a reliable and innovative partner in solenoid motor development.


Troy Bouman
Senior Engineer

it is really great working with Salvador. His work is very thorough and quick. I never felt like we were waiting for something from him. If anything, I always felt like he was waiting on us for something! I'm glad to have you on the team.

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