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Our Work

We help magnetic companies achieve their goals and improve their bottom line through expert guidance. Successful cases include developing high-performance magnetic materials, developing of new technologies, designing efficient magnetic motors, etc. Partnering with us can give companies a competitive edge

Niron Magnets for the Loudspeaker Industry

Niron Magnetics Magnet

Salvador Consultant, Niron Magnetics, and Menlo Scientific have analyzed the use of Niron Magnets for loudspeakers. We analyzed and optimized different magnetic structures to approach the benefits of different iron nitride magnets. The optimized structures were compared to conventional loudspeakers with ferrite and neo magnets, resulting in significant material and weight savings


"Next Generation Rare Earth Free Magnets are Coming - Part 1"

"Next Generation Rare Earth Free Magnets are Coming - Part 2"

"2024 Niron Magnetics Update"

Magnet Press for Production of Neo Magnets

Gasbarre Company with the consultancy support of Salvador Consultant has designed, manufactured, and tested the first magnet powder press to produce neodymium magnets in the United States. The magnet press was designed for the pressing process of neodymium magnet powder under a uniform magnetic field produced by a powerful DC electromagnet with an optimized magnetic circuit. This magnet press will be employed to produce sintered neodymium magnets for the US industry


"Gasbarre Products builds the First Magnet Powder Presses to produce Neodymium Magnets in the United States"

Magnet Press

Magnetic Floors
Are they safe?

Magnetic Floor
Magnetic floor pattern

An American Construction Company with the consultancy support of Salvador Consultant verified the static magnetic field distribution produced by magnetic floors utilized in the Construction Industry. Magnetic floor customers were asking about the possible magnetic field issues produced by magnetic floors, especially in electronic components and pacemakers. Salvador Consultant certified that the magnetic floors are safe and can be utilized without any side effects on credit cards, electronic devices, and pacemakers


"Evaluation of static magnetic fields produced by magnetic floors utilized in the Construction Industry"

Magnet Assembly for Audio Product

A start-up electronics/audio company received assistance from Salvador Consultant in redesigning a permanent magnet assembly for an audio recording product. The product was equipped with powerful magnets for attaching purposes, but the static magnetic field generated by these magnets was causing noise in the recording signal during operation. A new permanent magnet design was proposed and optimized to reduce the magnetic field in the product and nullify it in the PCB region, effectively solving the noise signal issue

Recording Product

Pumps Actuators


Salvador Consultant optimized electromagnetic solenoid actuators for a large US pump company. They designed proportional and convectional solenoids to produce high magnetic forces for short strokes. The magnetic circuit was optimized for each actuator to achieve the desired forces. Real tests were conducted on prototypes to verify the designs.

Overhead Electromagnet

Salvador Consultant supported a mechanical consulting firm in designing and optimizing a DC overhead electromagnet for magnetic separation in various industries. The electromagnet produces a high magnetic field and force index for extracting iron magnetic particles.

DC overhead electromagnet

Traction Motor with New Magnetic Technology

Traction Motor

Salvador Consultant aided a US motor company in creating the first prototype of a traction motor using Parallel Path Magnetic Technology (PPMT). This technology combines permanent magnet and reluctance motors to increase torque. The motor was built and tested in the US, producing high torque with low currents and high efficiency compared to conventional permanent magnet motors used in EVs. This technology has the potential to reduce the weight and size of traction motors

"Parallel Path Magnetic Technology"

New Traction Motor with Zero-Rare-Earth Magnets

In 2023, Tesla Company revealed during its Investor Day that their upcoming permanent magnet electric motors for EVs would not contain any rare earth materials (link). Despite concerns that this may result in a heavier and less efficient motor, the MotorXP team and Salvador Consultant explored the possibility of designing a zero-rare-earth motor that maintains Tesla's high standards of efficiency and power density


"Mystery of the Tesla's Next-Gen Zero-Rare-Earth Electric Motor" 

Zero Rare Earth Motor

Power Transformer Consultancy

Shunt Reactor
Heating Failure

Salvador Consultant has been working with some transformers companies to solve some issues related to the presence of hot spots or high temperatures in transformers and shunt reactors. Some interesting consultancy cases have been published in the following articles:

"Detection and reduction of high temperature in high current turrets of generator step-up (GSU) transformers - Part I"

"Detection and reduction of high temperature in high current turrets of generator step-up (GSU) transformers - Part II"

"Thermal failure in a clamping bolt of a shunt reactor"

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